January 30, 2008 Free West Papua 15

Koteka is one of West Papua unique traditional protector of male genital. Modern society may see it as uncivilised  traditional clothing that should be vanished from the world. However, it is one of our identity, at least in the perspective […]

Papuans' Intellectual Freedom

Papuans’ Intellectual Freedom

January 25, 2008 Free West Papua 1

Papuans’ intellectual freedom. From the bottom of my heart I should salut to Mr. Neles Tebay for his objective analysis on the decision of Indonesia’s government to ban a book entitled “The Sinking of the […]

Richard Samuelson

Shame on Richard Samuelson

January 21, 2008 Free West Papua 3

A tricky opportunist whore Richard Samuelson may look very scary to Indonesian Military, but to Papuan People he is just a puppet master of great men like Sem Karoba and Benny Wenda. Samuelson is nothing […]

West Papua Landslide

Landslide in Indonesia kills 10

January 18, 2008 Free West Papua 0

BBC News, Tuesday, 15 January 2008, 16:18 GMT A landslide in the Indonesian province of Papua has killed at least 10 people, including a six-month-old baby, local officials say. Heavy rain triggered a landslip that […]

West Papua Democratisation

Let Democratisation Spread in West Papua

January 1, 2008 Free West Papua 0

West Papuan leaders have requested talks with Jakarta to discuss greater autonomy, and increased democratisation for their region, which would fall in line with positive developments throughout the archipelago. A resolution of the decades-long conflict […]