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Kosovo and Papua: Incomparable Case

February 25, 2008 Free West Papua 0

Political analysts, Indonesianists, and observers may have one common tendency on their analysis regarding Indonesia’s position on Kosovo’s Independence. The discouragement from domestic factor of separatism seems take the position as the single factor that prevent Indonesia […]

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A New Papua ?

February 18, 2008 Free West Papua 4

Marcellus Rantetana wrote a very interesting article about development in Papua. Actually I don’t  want to copy paste the article and simply put it here so all element of Free West Papua can read it. […]

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Lorentz National Park, Indonesia

February 14, 2008 Free West Papua 0

Lorentz National Park (Source: The Ministry of Forestry, Republic of Indonesia) Yesterday, when I browsed the internet I have found a very interesting link on Lorentz National Park. Located at 04º00′-5º15’S, 137º14′-138º20’E, Lorentz National Park  […]

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Freeport Report

February 13, 2008 Free West Papua 1

What is the meaning of a report from Freeport-Mc Moran Copper & Gold Inc about company’s expectation for copper and gold output in 2008 from its new areas of exploration in Grasberg mine. Increase 6% […]

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Australian Aid Package

February 13, 2008 Free West Papua 3

God helping us in a mysterious way. Aid package from Australian Governement is an indirect help from God. The Foreign Minister Stephen Smith announced the renewed Australian aid package for Indonesia last week. The package, […]

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Papua Issue in Indonesia-UK relation

February 11, 2008 Free West Papua 0

During the years of Indonesia’s undemocratic New Order regime, successive UK Governments from Harold Macmillan then Alec Douglas to John Major then Tony Blair, have supported Generals Suharto who rule Papua from Jakarta. If we […]

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AIDS Battle in Papua

February 9, 2008 Free West Papua 1

One of the most critical problem in Papua is health, especially the the spread of HIV/AIDS to the population, particularly among prostitutes and their users. Special attention should be taken seriously as the disease has […]

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Indonesian: Who are we?

February 8, 2008 Free West Papua 3

A very interesting article wrote by Robert Lindsay entitled The Peopling of Indonesia can be used as a first step to further understand the diversity of Indonesia. What I am interested is that, Robert also mentioned about […]

Visit Papua

Visit Indonesia Year 2008: Papua

February 7, 2008 Free West Papua 1

Visit Papua is part of Visit Indonesia campaign. Foreign tourists would be interested in visiting Indonesia if they knew the country had a clear concept of ecotourism development. The ecotourism program has moved on time […]

Rivers and Lakes of Papua

The Rivers and Lakes of Papua

February 7, 2008 Free West Papua 0

Rivers and Lakes of Papua – For all travelever around the world, a short and tempting information on wild adventure in the peaceful land of Papua can be found at Indonesia Logue. Virtually all tourists […]

Indonesia - Australia

New Indonesia – Australia security pact

February 7, 2008 Free West Papua 0

A very important pact between Indonesia and Australia hopefully will create a mutual understanding on all issues that will affect the harmony and peaceful relation. Two democratic countries ideally have more common needs than different interest. […]