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Papuan Mummi

March 4, 2010 Free West Papua 0

Mummi not only exists in Egypt, but also in Papua province. Papuan mummi is made by evaporating its human body fluids so it becomes a dry, hard, and rigid body. In this process, it is […]

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Jouwe: Papua Merdeka Only a Dream

March 3, 2010 Free West Papua 0

Free Papua Movement (OPM) founder Nicholas Jouwe, on Thursday, said that Papua Merdeka is only a dream. Papua will never be independent, because it has been independent in the frame of the Republic of Indonesia. […]

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Indonesia set to build ring road in Papua

March 2, 2010 Free West Papua 0

Indonesia is building a 41-kilometer road connecting Jayapura with Sentani. Papua Governor Barnabas Suebu has been launching the project to anticipate a population boom in Jayapura city, whose growth reaches 5 percent annually.