West Papua Frizzy Orchids

West Papua frizzy orchids

April 26, 2020 Free West Papua 0

West Papua frizzy orchids also known as bunga Anggrek Kribo (Dendrobium spectabile). Papua holds a variety of very exotic flora and fauna, especially the richness of its orchids. One of the dendrobium spectabile species or […]

Free West Papua Reality Illusion

April 22, 2020 Free West Papua 1

Separatist Free West Papua can easily hide the reality of their campaign behind the screen of social media and website. As the world has become more connected, we’ve in contrast become more isolated. We send […]

Free West Papua

Pluralism in West Papua

April 17, 2020 Free West Papua 0

Pluralism in West Papua Pluralism, tolerance, peace and security in interactions among Papuan tribes and between Papuans and other ethnic groups is under the umbrella of democracy. Indonesian is a pluralistic society; that is many […]