The Fantasy of West Papua Separatism

The Fantasy of West Papua Separatism

June 27, 2020 Free West Papua 0

The low-level insurgency of Free West Papua separatist has two big branches, armed criminal group and political wing (domestic and international. All of those groups propagate the fantasy of West Papua separatism. The persuasive power […]

Racism in Papua

Wakol Yelipele on Racism in Papua

June 24, 2020 Free West Papua 0

West Papua Blog received another statement regarding racism in Papua from Papuan student activist. Please check the statement during a webinar here. Wakol Yelipele (Chair of PapuaCatholic Students Union or PMKRI Papua) stated that racism […]

Racism Issu

Thomas Eppe Safanpo: Racism Issue

June 23, 2020 Free West Papua 0

Thomas Eppe Safanpo (Deputy Regent of Asmat) stated that in his experience in Solo there had never been racist treatment that was open to Papua, but there were expressions and silly questions and language expressions […]

Blame Game

Blame Game

June 20, 2020 Free West Papua 2

Let’s play the blame game, I love you, moreLet’s play the blame game for sureLet’s call out names, names, I hate you, moreLet’s call out names, names, for sure ……………………………… Songwriters: Kanye West / Mike […]