Seven Papuans tried in Balikpapan are not political prisoners

Deadly riots instigated by 7 Papuan criminals
Deadly riots instigated by Free West Papuan activists

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Indonesia’s National Police spokesman, Inspector General Argo Yuwono, dismissed a claim that seven Papuan youths, being tried in connection with a treason case at the Balikpapan District Court in East Kalimantan Province, are political prisoners.

Tendering a clarification to this end, Yuwono told journalists in Jakarta on Wednesday that Papuan youngsters were purely criminals, who had allegedly incited a string of deadly violence and rioting in Papua Province, especially in the areas of Jayapura, last year.

As a consequence of their provocative acts, violence and riots erupted in the easternmost province, resulting in several locals incurring material losses and resulting in destruction to personal property, he stated.

Hence, Yuwono rebuked the rumors of Papuan youths tried at the Balikpapan District Court being political prisoners circulated by small demonstrating groups among members of the public in their recent rallies, calling them completely baseless and groundless.

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