The Name West Papua

June 2, 2020 Free West Papua 6

The name “West Papua” is used differently by separatist group and government of Indonesia. It sometimes creates confusion due to its political used. The name West Papua refers to the western half of the island […]

Free West Papua

Pluralism in West Papua

April 17, 2020 Free West Papua 0

Pluralism in West Papua Pluralism, tolerance, peace and security in interactions among Papuan tribes and between Papuans and other ethnic groups is under the umbrella of democracy. Indonesian is a pluralistic society; that is many […]

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Free West Papua

October 13, 2018 Free West Papua 0

Freedom in West Papua refers to people’s desire for concrete improvements in West Papuan life; everything from ordinary dream of peace to respect for indigenous traditions and tangible improvements in social and economic life, especially […]