Free West Papua Slutty Lawyer

June 19, 2020 Free West Papua 1

Yesterday, one of my friends from Oxford based Free West Papua Campaign shared six links to West Papua celebrity lawyer sex scandal: Australian lawyer Nuzzling Seumas Milne Seumas Milne Hotel Kiss BREAKING NEWS: WEST PAPUA […]

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Evil Propaganda by Dominic Brown

January 23, 2011 Free West Papua 2

A young inexperienced film maker, Dominic Brown entered the social sphere of evil propaganda, controlling what people would see in West Papua. A propaganda film was made “forgotten bird of paradise” in 2009 with the […]

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Four Basic Information on West Papua

January 7, 2011 Free West Papua 0

by : Djakarta The alleged “genocide” in West Papua never happened since the population of native Papuans doubled under Indonesian rule (800,000 in 1971 to 1.8 million in 2010).  Please read the latest statistic. Please […]

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Papua Indonesia: One People One Soul

November 7, 2010 Free West Papua 0

Papua isn’t different like another provinces in Indonesia. We were established our country together with the same of act or equality rules. The different one just based from race, the eastern of Indonesian inhabitant ( […]

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Papuan Mummi

March 4, 2010 Free West Papua 0

Mummi not only exists in Egypt, but also in Papua province. Papuan mummi is made by evaporating its human body fluids so it becomes a dry, hard, and rigid body. In this process, it is […]