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West Papua is a land of song

April 4, 2011 Free West Papua 3

As an integral part of Indonesia and just like other islands in Indonesia, West Papua is a land of song . With more than 300 hundreds of different languages, biodiversity and creative arts, the land […]

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Mediator of Seven Tribes

April 18, 2010 Free West Papua 0

Bram Wakaburi In 1984, Yoel Abraham Wakaburi (50) was inspired to unite different tribes occupying their homeland at Bintuni Strait, West Papua. Initially, the obstacles were different languages spoken and tribal ego. Armed with his […]

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Arts Festival at Lake Sentani

June 20, 2008 Free West Papua 0

Local residents with bows and arrows stage a war dance on a boat during the opening of a culture and arts festival at Lake Sentani in Jayapura, Papua, on Thursday. The festival, officially opened by […]

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Asmat Opposes Separatism

February 2, 2008 Free West Papua 0

JAKARTA [kompas] – Asmat people oppose separatism in the land of Papua and they hope that their land, Papua land, and Indonesia land become a peace zone for all living creatures. Those statement was said by the Head […]

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January 30, 2008 Free West Papua 15

Koteka is one of our unique traditional protector of male genital. Modern society may see koteka as uncivilised  traditional clothing that should be vanished from the world. However, koteka is one of our identity, at least in the perspective of […]