what do Papuans really want

What do Papuans really want?

September 16, 2020 Free West Papua 0

What do Papuans really want? It is not an easy answer because if we ask majority ordinary Papuans they will straightforwardly answer they want to live a peace and happy life in accordance to their […]

Peace solution for Indonesia

Peaceful Solution for Indonesia?

August 9, 2020 Free West Papua 3

When our freelance reporter meet an ordinary Papuan holding a banner with statement “Peaceful Solution for Indonesia or Solusi Damai untuk Indonesia“, he asked directly to several people who gather in the area. A Papuan […]

West Papua green investment

West Papua green investment

March 3, 2020 Free West Papua 0

West Papua green investment The government is inviting the private sector to participate in promoting green investments to empower farmers in Papua and West Papua and to reduce the two provincial economies’ dependency on oil palm plantations and forestry. Coordinating Maritime […]