Papua endemic snake

Endemic Snake in Raja Ampat

July 18, 2020 Free West Papua 0

This endemic snake article is translated from — Papua has a special destination for reptile enthusiasts when visiting Raja Ampat, West Papua. In addition to the beauty of the sea, tourists who love reptiles, especially […]

West Papua Frizzy Orchids

West Papua frizzy orchids

April 26, 2020 Free West Papua 0

West Papua frizzy orchids also known as bunga Anggrek Kribo (Dendrobium spectabile). Papua holds a variety of very exotic flora and fauna, especially the richness of its orchids. One of the dendrobium spectabile species or […]

West Papua green investment

West Papua green investment

March 3, 2020 Free West Papua 0

West Papua green investment The government is inviting the private sector to participate in promoting green investments to empower farmers in Papua and West Papua and to reduce the two provincial economies’ dependency on oil palm plantations and forestry. Coordinating Maritime […]

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Green Indonesia Green Papua

July 11, 2008 Free West Papua 0

Most of Indonesian are not familiar with green politics, ecology, social justice, grassroots democracy and peace. The same situation is also applied to most Papuan, so I think it is very important for Free West […]

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High mountain, high stakes

May 12, 2008 Free West Papua 1

Yesterday I read a very interesting story of a great mountain climber, Kevin Flynn in MPNnow. He had a  unique experience of pleasure of climbing Carstensz Pyramid, Oceania’s highest peak. He had also found himself caught […]

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Papua log export ban

March 28, 2008 Free West Papua 2

Papua log export ban is very serious, and all Papuan should support the Papua Log Export Ban. Log export ban is under pressure now. It seems that both Papua local government and central government of […]

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BP Shattered illusions

March 19, 2008 Free West Papua 0

I am sure that well educated Papuan either activist or government employee should read the article on BP business in Papua.  As I mentioned earlier in my writing on Multinational Projects that Papuan should watch closely […]

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Lorentz National Park, Indonesia

February 14, 2008 Free West Papua 0

Lorentz National Park (Source: The Ministry of Forestry, Republic of Indonesia) Yesterday, when I browsed the internet I have found a very interesting link on Lorentz National Park. Located at 04º00′-5º15’S, 137º14′-138º20’E, Lorentz National Park  […]