British Radical Left

Incoherent action of the British radical Left

July 14, 2020 Free West Papua 3

British radical left movements have existed since around the late 19th century, with the formation of various organisations following ideologies from the far-left’s revolutionary socialism, anarchism and syndicalism to the center-left’s socialism, liberal socialism, ethical socialism, social democratic, progressives and […]

Free West Papua Slutty Lawyer

June 19, 2020 Free West Papua 2

Free West Papua slutty lawyer Yesterday, one of my friends from Oxford based Free West Papua Campaign shared six links to West Papua celebrity lawyer sex scandal: Australian lawyer Nuzzling Seumas Milne Seumas Milne Hotel […]

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The Pacific Ring of Fire

February 12, 2009 Free West Papua 0

When it comes to natural disaster, I think all Indonesian should work together supporting and helping our brother and sister  whenever a natural disaster occur. We can not ignore the impact of natural disaster by […]

End Free West Papua

Free West Papua Campaign

October 8, 2008 Free West Papua 9

I feel so sad when an activist of Free West Papua Campaign asked me to stop writing in my own blog because my position is in opposite to the Oxford based Free West Papua Campaign. […]