West Papua Independence

About West Papua Independence

October 4, 2020 Free West Papua 1

West Papua Independence was achieved when West Papua returned to Indonesia officially when the Papuan people’s opinion determination was held fairly and openly in 1969. The legality of West Papua’s return to Indonesia is recognized […]

British Radical Left

Incoherent action of the British radical Left

July 14, 2020 Free West Papua 3

British radical left movements have existed since around the late 19th century, with the formation of various organisations following ideologies from the far-left’s revolutionary socialism, anarchism and syndicalism to the center-left’s socialism, liberal socialism, ethical socialism, social democratic, progressives and […]

The Fantasy of West Papua Separatism

The Fantasy of West Papua Separatism

June 27, 2020 Free West Papua 0

The low-level insurgency of Free West Papua separatist has two big branches, armed criminal group and political wing (domestic and international. All of those groups propagate the fantasy of West Papua separatism. The persuasive power […]