Papua`s special autonomy to be evaluated comprehensively

The comprehensive evaluation would cover all fields, including the implementation of regional administration, finance and accountability of performance.

The implementation of Papua`s Special Autonomy will be comprehensively evaluated in 2011, the director of regional order and special autonomy at the Home Affairs Ministry, Sumarsono, said.

But before making the evaluation, the government would determine its parameters, he said here on Saturday.

“In 2011 we will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the implementation of Papua`s special autonomy which was granted nine years ago. The parameters of the evaluation are now being prepared,” he said at a discussion on the implementation of special autonomy in Indonesia.

He said the parameters must first be agreed upon by the central and regional governments.

The evaluation was to be done in pursuance of Law Number 21 of 2001 on Special Autonomy for Papua. Article 78 of the law states “the implementation of the law shall be evaluated every year and the first evaluation should be done three years after this law comes into force.”

Sumarsono said the government had actually routinely conducted an evaluation. The annual evaluations were done by the directorate general of BAKD (regional financial administration supervision) but they were limited to physical and financial aspects while a comprehensive evaluation was needed to measure the effectiveness of the law in practice.

He said the parameters to be used for the evaluation must be agreed upon by the central and regional governments and determine how successfully special autonomy was implemented.

The comprehensive evaluation would cover all fields, including the implementation of regional administration, finance and accountability of performance. It would not only involve the ministry of home affairs but also other ministries concerned, he said.

Since special autonomy was granted to Papua in 2001 around Rp28 trillion had been spent to implement it.

The management of special autonomy funds from 2002 to 2008 was done by the provincial government but as of the 2009 fiscal year the funds had been split between Papua and West Papua provinces.

The allocation of the funds was based on the formula of 40 percent for the provincial administration and 60 percent for all district/city administrations across Papua and West Papua.

The evaluation would also include an audit on the two provinces` finances.

Source: Antara News

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