Patients recovering from COVID-19 in Jayapura City has increased by 15

COVID-19 in Jayapura City
Ni Nyoman Sri Antari, spokesman for the Task Force for the Acceleration of Handling COVID-19 in Jayapura City, Papua Province (ANTARA / Musa Abubar)

COVID-19 in Jayapura City

Jayapura (ANTARA) – Good news, the spokesman for the Jayapura City COVID-19 Task Force, Papua Province, Ni Nyoman Sri Antari said, on Monday (14/9) the patient was declared cured of COVID-19 after undergoing treatment in the city. added 15 people.

Antari in Jayapura, Tuesday, said that 15 patients recovered from COVID-19 were distributed in Tanjung Ria Village, North Jayapura District, five people. One person in Angkasapura Urban Village, North Jayapura District. One person in Kelurahan Gurabesi, North Jayapura District and one person in Kelurahan Numbay. South Jayapura District.

One person in Ardipura Village, South Jayapura District. One person in Argapura Village, South Jayapura District. One person in Hamadi Village, South Jayapura District. Two people in Entrop Village, South Jayapura District. One person in Vim Village, Abepura District. One person in Awiyo Village, Abepura District.

Also on Monday, he said, the Jayapura City COVID-19 Task Force Team recorded seven people who were confirmed positive for COVID-19, with details of one person from Entrop Village, South Jayapura District. One person from Waimhorock Village, Abepura District.

Next, three people from Kota Baru Urban Village, Abepura District. One person from Hedam, Heram District. One more person from Yabansai Village, Disrik Heram. On Monday, a resident of the city of Jayapura died as a result of being exposed to COVID-19.

Antari, who is also the Head of the Jayapura City Health Office, said that from March 17 to September 14, there were 2,455 coronavirus patients in the city. Of that number, 471 of them are still undergoing treatment.

Then the patients recovered in the capital of Papua Province, as many as 1,948 people. As many as 34 patients died from exposure to COVID-19. The number of suspected cases from 27 people increased to 31 people. Patients who have had close contact with other patients were 439 people, and as many as 114 confirmed cases were asymptomatic.

One of the prevention efforts by the Jayapura City Government is to continue to socialize the dangers of COVID-19. On September 2, 2020, the Mayor of Jayapura, Benhur Tomi Mano, issued an Instruction for the Mayor of Jayapura Number 10 of 2020 concerning the extension of the increase and expansion of measures to prevent and control coronavirus in the city area.

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