The Papua Provincial Government plans 28 regencies to implement new normal adaptations

New Normal adaptations in Papua
Deputy Governor of Papua Klemen Tinal (ANTARA / Hendrina Dian Kandipi)

Jayapura (ANTARA) – The Papua Provincial Government plans 28 regencies out of 29 regencies and cities in the region to be able to implement new normal adaptations, while one city is still declared to be a high level case area for COVID-19.

Papua Deputy Governor Klemen Tinal in Jayapura on Thursday said 28 regencies were considered to be able to adapt to the new normal, but there were still areas that needed special attention.

“Jayapura City is an area that still needs special attention and cannot implement new normal adaptations,” he said.

According to Klemen, just because Jayapura City has not been able to implement new normal adaptations, does not mean that 28 other districts in Papua cannot lead to new normal adaptations.

“So that for these 28 districts, teaching and learning activities up to worship can already be carried out in schools and places of worship but still pay attention to health protocols,” he said.

He explained that the implementation of the new normal adaptation in Papua Province will begin to be implemented after it meets with the district / city and forkompimda governments.

“The second phase of relaxation in Papua will end on July 31, 2020 so that only after this will be determined the next policy,” he said.

He added that he warned, to tackle the spread of COVID-19 back to the private community in implementing health protocols such as keeping a distance, wearing masks and diligently washing hands.

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