West Papua Drama Queen

West Papua Drama Queen

September 16, 2020 Free West Papua 1

West Papua Drama Queen Veronica Koman, a Chinese Indonesian who used to work helping West Papuan to fight for independence may have thousands scenarios to twist every story about West Papua. She has the brain […]

what do Papuans really want

What do Papuans really want?

September 16, 2020 Free West Papua 0

What do Papuans really want? It is not an easy answer because if we ask majority ordinary Papuans they will straightforwardly answer they want to live a peace and happy life in accordance to their […]

peace deal in Papua

Wukahilapok and Meagama Peace deal

September 13, 2020 Free West Papua 0

Peace deal in Papua Wamena (ANTARA) – Two war groups in Jayawijaya Regency, Papua Province, agreed to make peace after having fought three days in a row. Jayawijaya Police Chief AKBP Dominggus Rumaropen in Wamena, […]

Septianus Aspelak Evaluation of special autonomy

Evaluation of Special Autonomy

September 10, 2020 Free West Papua 1

Evaluation of special autonomy Jayapura, Wamena Youth Leader, Septianus Aspelak stated that the Central Government has provided a large amount of the budget in realizing the Special Autonomy in the Papua Province. In this case, […]

Peace in West Papua

Peace in West Papua

September 9, 2020 Free West Papua 2

Peace in West Papua In 2020, Indonesia is the world 49th most peaceful country in the world. Indonesia has gone up 23 numbers from 72nd rank in 2010 according to the Global Peace Index (GPI), […]

Nairon Wenda, another support to special autonomy

Another support to special autonomy

September 7, 2020 Free West Papua 0

Another support to special autonomy JAYAPURA – Central highland community leader in Buper Waena, Jayapura City, Nairon Wenda, asked all elements to unite their perceptions to support the sustainability of special autonomy (Otonomi khusus – […]