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Three Fundamental Problems in West Papua

November 30, 2008 Free West Papua 3

There are three fundamental problems that should be addressed peacefully in West Papua: crimes against humanity, the failure of New Order’s (Suharto regime) socio-economic and cultural development, and the reconciliation of Papua as land of […]

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Human rights: business responsibility

November 29, 2008 Free West Papua 0

What are the human rights responsibilities of corporations? Christine Bader, BP’s manager of policy development currently on secondment to the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative for business & human rights, provides an overview of the current […]

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Two quakes hit West Papua on Monday

November 25, 2008 Free West Papua 0

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Two earthquakes respectively measuring 5.2 and 5.5 on the Richter scale hit West Papua Province, on Monday. The national meteorological and geophysics office said here on Monday that the 5.2-magnitude quake […]

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More lies on West Papua Story

November 13, 2008 Free West Papua 2

It is normal for both democratic Indonesia and the United Kingdom to see exiles from West Papua demonstrated in Reading Festival to instigate a packed audience that included the mayor and mayoress about their fight […]

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ProFauna Parrots Campaign

November 12, 2008 Free West Papua 2

ProFauna Parrots Campaign (12.11.2008 — 06:21:43) Together with Local Communities, ProFauna Campaigns on Parrot Protection in Manokwari, West Papua ProFauna’s parrots campaign in Papua. Thousands of parrots are caught from the wild in Papua and […]

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Email Harassment

November 11, 2008 Free West Papua 2

How to stop email harassment? I am on an active wordpress blog, and all of a sudden this one person said things about me and my blog which are not true. This is done thru […]

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Teachers’ unite to improve education

November 9, 2008 Free West Papua 1

The Jakarta Post Saturday, November 8, 2008 Markus Makur, The Jakarta Post, Timika Papuan teachers have been taking part in a jamboree aiming to build character, increase competency and development to improve education levels in […]

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Idiots don’t like this blog

November 8, 2008 Free West Papua 2

No they don’t, harassment seems to escalate every time I post on it. Who are they? yes both stubborn Indonesian military and idiots separatist supporters hate Free West Papua Blog. My slow internet connection would […]