Perceptions on Papuan

Perceptions on Papuan in UK

February 28, 2009 Free West Papua 2

(West Papua Free, 28 February 2009) It is worth to read articles from the Independent, telegraph and dailymail about how people in UK perceive Papuans. Both sides, BBC broadcaster Michael Buerk and some people who […]

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February 23, 2009 Free West Papua 2

(Free West Papua) A short note from Sidney 23 Feb 2009. Australian  government is going the wrong way about improving relations with Indonesia if it continues to ignore the Aborigines (Indigenous Australians) while talking about […]

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The Pacific Ring of Fire

February 12, 2009 Free West Papua 0

When it comes to natural disaster, I think all Indonesian should work together supporting and helping our brother and sister  whenever a natural disaster occur. We can not ignore the impact of natural disaster by […]

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UN Rights Meeting

February 10, 2009 Free West Papua 0

What is the use of sending a big delegation to UN Rights Meeting in Geneva next March? For Papuan it is a real good gesture from Indonesian government to include representatives from Papua. Here is […]